The SELLER Checklist

When you as a Seller decided that you want to Sell your Property, GC Homes is the Company to assist you from beginning to end.  You need the right exposure to the market at the right price to the right clients – we know the market and specifically Green Community and Green Community West. We will make sure this is a hassle free process for you in achieving your goal.

Important points to remember when you want to Sell your property

    1. Do your research in the market and be realistic in what price you want to achieve for your Property.  Also, be realistic about the time it might take to sell the property – some properties will sell within a week, others may take months – it all depends on the price. Make sure you know what is included and excluded in your price. Do you want to include appliances, curtains, outside furniture – be flexible to achieve your goal with the price.
    2. Market your Property through the right people and consider exclusivity for a short period of time, be careful not to overexpose your property to the market – your property will become stale and at that point it will become more and more difficult to achieve your ideal price. Exclusive listings normally sell quicker and with better prices.
    3. Upgrade your Property – sometimes by doing a little, you can get a lot more.
    4. Maintain your Property – a well maintained property stand out above the rest. Buyers are willing to pay more for a well maintained house.
    5. Show your Property.  Be available and flexible. Buyers want to see the property they want to buy maybe twice or three times.

    6. Get ready with all the necessary documentation before you start the process. Know the amount still outstanding on your mortgage and the estimated payoff figure.  GC Homes can do everything for you.  We will lead you through the whole process of Selling your Property.  We understand the market and know the procedures. If we need to clear your mortgage – we can assist in the process, either through yourself, the Buyers bank or the Buyer himself.  We will work with you in requesting documentation needed and keep you updated all the way.
Be realistic in time, when we need to release a mortgage and there is another Mortgage from the Buyer side, it might take up to 6 weeks to complete the Transfer of ownership from the date the Offer is accepted.  GC Homes are motivated and focused and will complete the Transfer in the shortest possible time hassle free for all parties involved.