Renting a Property in Green Community

Before making a decision about where to live within the Green Community, be sure to do some research and talk to some of the current residents. Families with younger children may prefer Green Community East or Phase 1 because many children live in that area and The Children’s Garden is on the same compound. Green Community West or Phase 2 is more spacious and has single-family homes, including the popular one-level bungalow, the five-bedroom two-story family villa and the six-bedroom luxury villa.


In the UAE, renters must pay for a full year’s rent up front, though you can usually negotiate two or more cheques. In high-demand areas like Green Community, negotiation is not always possible. Do your homework and talk to your agent for help finding the perfect area for your family.


If you are looking to rent in Green Community, we invite you to contact us. We will walk you through the process, which we have outlined for you here.


Decide on your Budget and Property type

Know in advance what type and size of property you need. Green Community has a variety of properties from which to choose. Below are some of the average prices. These prices may differ depending on location, plot size, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, gardens and whether or not the property has a private swimming pool.


  • Apartments from 50,000 AED – 160,000 AED per Annum – Studio to three bedroom Terrace Apartment
  • Townhouses from 160,000 AED – 180,000 AED per Annum – Three bedroom plus study
  • Bungalows from 180,000 AED – 200,000 AED per Annum – Four bedroom ensuite
  • Family villas from 190,000 AED – 220,000 AED per Annum – Five bedroom
  • Luxury villas from 220,000 – 250,000 AED per Annum – Six bedroom


The Landlord typically takes care of all major maintenance issues, including air conditioning, plumbing and electrical. The tenant is responsible for day-to-day issues as necessary. The landlord pays the service charges for the community, but the tenant pays all utilities and municipal charges – load and consumption, housing fees, etc., if applicable.


Collection of Documentation

Once you’ve decided what type of home you would like to rent, the agent will collect all relevant documentation. Renters in Dubai must hold a valid residence visa, Emirates identification and current passport. Always make sure a title deed is available in the landlord’s name before you sign any reservation or tenancy agreement. An RERA registered Broker will have the listing documents and owner’s documentation with the agency before he or she offers it for rent.


Holding Deposit

When you find the property you want to rent, you will reserve it with a holding deposit, which is typically 10 percent of the rent—5% is held as a security deposit; 5% is held as an agency fee. Upon receipt, the agent prepares all documentation. If the landlord decides not to sign the tenancy, for whatever reason, the agency will refund the security deposit and agency fee in full.



Prospective tenants must pay two additional deposits:


  • DEWA - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority – AED 4,140
  • EMICOOL (Air Conditioning) – AED 3,200


You will receive utility deposits, along with the security deposit, at the end of the tenancy. The security deposit is refunded on receipt of the property in the same condition as when it was rented; DEWA and EMICOOL both refund deposits after the final bill is paid.


Your agent knows the process and will help make your experience hassle-free. He or she will take care of all necessary procedures, including the utilities, for a small fee (AED 200 each for DEWA and EMICOOL).


Handover of Property & Keys

Once the property is painted, cleaned and ready for your family, you will sign the final paperwork and receive all the keys to the property, including remotes and access cards. You will also complete a condition report of the property to protect yourself upon move-out. Welcome to your new home!

Your Broker will be the key to success. Be sure to contact us today to find out how we can help make your rental process easy and stress-free.


Please note that any of the above information are subject to change without notice.