The Landlord Checklist

When you as a Landlord want to rent out your Property, GC Homes is ready to assist and find you the ideal Tenant. We will handle the process from beginning to end . We are experienced in this field in both Green Community Phase 1 and GCWest and we will make sure there are no surprises for you as a Landlord.
We can also assist in the Managing of the Property on your behalf – making this a stress free experience for you to make your property work for you.

Important points to remember when you want to rent out your property

1. Do your research in the market and be realistic in what price you want to achieve for your Property. Make sure you know what is included and excluded in your price. Do you want to include a Gardener, maintenance contract, appliances, curtains, outside furniture – be flexible to achieve your goal with the price.

2. Upgrade your Property – sometimes by doing a little, you can get a lot more.

3. Maintain your Property – a well maintained property stand above the rest. Maintenance of the Property is the owner responsibility and a Tenant is willing to pay more for a well maintained house.

4. Show your Property. Be available and flexible. Tenants are normally rent the houses they can view.