Who are the developers of the Green Community?
Properties Investment LLC is the developer of the Green Community. This is an equal joint venture between Union Properties PJSC and Dubai Investments PJSC.

Are the properties built yet?
The properties in Green Community West are in the process of completion. See the list of projected occupation dates.

Are there show houses on site to view?
No. All units have been sold by the developer. All units are thus "re-sale" and for this reason there are no longer any show houses available. GC Homes agent Susan Brand is having Open Houses on a regular basis. Contact Susan at 050 457 7309

What are the projected occupation dates for the development?

Phase 2 – 15 December 2008 – 28 February 2009 - completed
Phase 3 – 30 April 2009 - completed
Phase 4 – 30 June 2009 - completed
Note: These dates are projections provided by the developer and may be altered without prior notification.
Who will manage the property?
Union Properties will manage the Community on behalf of Properties Investment. The ongoing management of the Community will be undertaken from the Management Office located in The Market on site of the Green Community.



Where is the Green Community located?
The Green Community is located within the Dubai Investment Park. This is off the Emirates Road at the intersection for Jebel Ali Free Zone and Jebel Ali Village. Drive times are as follows:
25 minutes to Dubai International Airport.
12 minutes to Dubai Internet City.
20 minutes to Jumeirah.
15 minutes to Al Barshra.

What is the Dubai Investment Park?
Dubai Investment Park is a multi-phase project, which is being developed at a total cost of AED 1.5 billion and has a total land area of 3,200 hectares. The Park is a mixed use industrial, business, residential and recreational development offering investors pre-serviced sites, world class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities and quality services for manufacturing, housing, academic, and research, distribution and logistics purposes. The Green Community is located on 67 hectares within Phase 1 of the Park.



The properties are being offered on a 90-Year Lease basis. How does this differ from Freehold?
The main difference between a Freehold title and a Leasehold title is that the term of a Leasehold title is for a set period of time, in this instance 90 years. A 90-Year Lease Agreement holds the clarity that it is a lease for a property for a long term between landlord and tenant, and the rights and obligations of each party are set out in full in the Lease Agreement.

Will UAE and GCC Nationals be eligible for Freehold purchases?
No. This investment cannot be sold Freehold.

Do I pay rent?
No. You pay the Sale Price at the commencement of the Lease, which is a lump sum payment for the lease rights over the property for the term of 90 years.

What other charges will I have to pay?
Service Charge: A quarterly service charge is payable in advance for the operation of the common services in the Green Community. The management obligations of the landlord are defined in your Lease Agreement to ensure that the Community's common areas are well maintained.

Utilities: All utilities for your property are billed directly to you from the individual suppliers. A District Cooling Plant has been included in the project to provide water cooling services for air-conditioning purposes. The common area utilities will be included in the service charge.

What happens at the expiry of my 90-Year Lease?
Properties Investment cannot guarantee today what will happen at your Lease expiry in 90 years. However, in principal a tenant could negotiate a renewal for a further 90 years, or if the possibility of Freehold ownership has arisen during the term the tenant can negotiate the purchase of the Freehold. If a tenant chooses not to renew the Lease for a further term then the property will revert back to the ownership of the landlord.

Do I get a Residence Visa with the property?
No. Any residency issues need to be addressed with the Department of Immigration and Naturalisation in the usual manner.

Can I sell my 90-Year Lease?
Yes. You can sell the un-expired term of your lease at any time. This would require landlord consent as per any change of hands of property within a community development. However, consent would not be unreasonably withheld provided that you are not in breach of your Lease Agreement in any way at the time of seeking consent.

Can I rent my property on short-term lease to a third party?
Yes. You can rent out the property on a short-term basis at any time. This would require landlord consent as per any leasing within a community development. However, consent would not be unreasonably withheld provided that the conditions contained in the Lease Agreement regarding short-term tenancies are complied with.

Can my unexpired 90-Year Lease be left to my heirs upon my death?

What rights will the Landlord hold over my property?
In any community development the landlord (or vendor) may require access to or across the property from time to time. The landlord (or vendor) will also have the right to take the property back if the tenant (or purchaser) defaults on payments due under the Lease Agreement.

Can I make alterations to my property and redecorate?
Any redecorating to the exterior of the property, and any structural changes or construction work would require landlord consent. Of course, any interior redecoration does not need to be approved by the landlord. However, it would require local authorities' approval as per the normal practice.



How much is the deposit payable to secure a property?
Usually a down payment of 10% of the Sale Price is required to secure a property.

How can I finance the 90-Year Lease?
Mortgages are available through a number of banks. Refer to the chart outlining the different options with different banks.


Additional Information

What shopping and entertainment facilities will be on site?
The Community includes a Mediterranean design commercial and retail development built around a central lake and canal. This consists of a 90,000 square foot shopping mall and supermarket, a 135,000 square foot Marriot Courtyard Hotel with boulevard, restaurants and serviced apartments.

What leisure facilities will be on site?
Each of the common area recreation centers includes a swimming pool, children's pool, and a gymnasium and community room. The open landscaped grounds throughout the Community feature water features and children's playgrounds.

Is there visitor parking available?

Will pets be allowed in the Community?