The Buyer Checklist

When you made the decision to buy, GC Homes is there to assist you all the way from the Pre Approval from the Bank or Financial Institution of your choice up to the Transfer of the Property into your name. We will make sure you find the best possible house of your choice for the best possible price
Here are the important checks for you as Buyer to consider:

  1. What is your purpose with the Property - will it be an Investment Property or are you planning to stay in it yourself.
    TIP: Investment property main goal is ROI (return on investment), while end user will need best location for best price
  2. Will you need Finance or will it be a Cash purchase. Either way, GC Homes can help in getting the Pre Approval from the Bank of your choice or help with the Transfer of funds from abroad.
    TIP: Get your Pre Approval before you start house hunting – See Financing Options – Green Community
  3. Decide on the specific District in which you want to buy as well as the specific Type of house eg Townhouse, Bungalow, Family villa or Luxury villa. GC Homes will be happy to take you on a Community Tour and introduce Schools, Shopping centers and Recreational facilities in the area
    TIP: Make a checklist of the important features you are looking for
  4. Get focused on the Specific District or Community and Type of house until you find the right property
    TIP: Buy in a District with good Schools in close proximity. (See Useful Links in Green Community – Schools)
  5. Compare prices to other areas as well as in the Community and feel comfortable with what you are buying
    TIP: Do Comparative Market Analysis before you make an Offer on a specific property. GC Homes will have the latest Selling prices from the Developer at hand. Always aim for a home you can really afford
  6. Open a local bank account if you do not have one already, because you will need it.
  7. Prepare all required Documentation to Make an Offer on the Property. GC Homes will take care of everything. A Passport & Visa copy is required as well as a 10% Deposit of the Selling price in order to Make an Offer on a Property.
    TIP: Always make sure you understand all the Terms and Financial commitments before you sign any Offer and work with a Registered Agency with Registered RERA Agents.